This past weekend was fun.

The four of us headed to Tallahassee. Justin went to the Walking with Dinosaurs with his Grammy at the Leon County Civic Center. According to Justin, he was scared at first but had a great time overall.  As a side note, he is on his 3rd day of wearing the “cool walking with dinosaurs” t-shirt Grammy bought him.  We had to fight to get it off of him last night so we could wash it for him to wear to school today.

Grayson helped Steph and I pack up the kitchen for the upcoming move. I’m so glad we got that out of the way. We have 5 strong backs signed up for the big event in a few weeks.

Justin and Grayson played on the 4-Wheeler in the backyard for a good bit. Wait till daddy gets out the big one when we move.

Justin and Grayson on the 4-Wheeler
Justin and Grayson on the 4-Wheeler
Justin larvae
Justin Chrysalis

Justin demonstrating the lifecycle of the Butterfly. He is entering into the Chrysalis phase now.