Justin's 6th Birthday

You’re 6! 

You had a 3-day celebration (getting close to Aunt Kelly’s week-long birthday celebrations).

We had the whole back yard decorated with balloons, streamers, signs (Thank you Grammy and Pap Pap) and of course all the fun toys you could imagine.   The day was filled with so much love, fun and great food with family and friends.

Pap-Pap drove down from WV, Pappy, Grammy, Uncle Tyler and Chewy drove over from Tallahassee, Uncle Chris (the grill-master) and Fabulous Aunt Kelly were a God send in helping with the food, fun and everything else.

The after party was just as fantastic with steak, potatoes and shrimp (thank you Granddad and Grandma).

Not only did you get a ton of presents but you also received your first $100 bill from Pap Pap.  You’re lucky because Mommy didn’t get her first $100 bill until her 10th birthday.
Of course you never let that $100 bill leave your side for 2 days and to top it off, you took it to school (after Daddy told you that you were NOT allowed to and was told to put it up somewhere safe).  Thank goodness Mommy had one of her “mommy intuitions” and called Daddy to look around the house for it.  She didn’t know Daddy told you earlier that you weren’t allowed to take it school.
So Daddy drove to your school and Ms. Wright new exactly why he was there.  As soon as you got to school, you pulled that $100 bill out of your pocket and just HAD to show everyone.  Thank goodness a teacher intercepted it and gave it to Ms. Wright for safe keeping.

Happy birthday sweet baby boy!

We love you!