Grayson, you are two funny. You wanted the camping light that was on my desk. I was eating a KFC bowl at the time . You hadn’t eaten your dinner yet so I said, “I’ll give you the light if you take a bite.” 0829092035

Well, you weren’t having that. “That’s yukie, Da-dee.”

You cried and screamed. You didn’t want to take a bite of the yukie mashed potatoes.

I even held them both out and turned my back. You tried to steal the light. Nope, Daddy is tooo fast.

Finally, 20 min of screaming in your room and in the hall, you walked in. “OK, Da-dee.” You opened your mouth and took a bite. I kept my end of the deal andĀ gave you the flashlight.

You came back 12 more times.