What a great Thanksgiving. 

Steph has been working feverishly to unpack 50+ boxes and get our house set up for us to live in and prepared for Pap-Pap’s arrival.   She’s tired and sore from her fingertips to her toes…good Job Mommy for working so hard in turning our house into a home.

Pap-Pap drove the 13 hour trip from WV and made it in Wednesday afternoon.

Thanksgiving was spent over at Aunt Kellys’ Mom’s house. Grandad, Grandma, Pap-Pap, Great Aunt Ina, Mom, Dad, Grayson, Justin and Uncle Chris made the trip over there.  We ate some yummy and delicious food, played with the dogs and topped it off with some awesome chocolate pie.

That evening, we relaxed at our new house with stuffed bellies.

Friday afternoon, Justin and Grayson accompanied Pap Pap and Grandad to the Zoo. From what I heard they had a great time. Grayson was bullied by some 4 year olds and Big Bro Justin stepped in and shewed them off. That’s good looking out BIG Bro.

Saturday, Justin and Grayson stayed with Mom and Pap-Pap as Dad went over to Tallahassee to watch the Seminoles get their butts handed to them by the Gators.

Sunday was a rest/recharge day.