Steph and the boys at Ft. Clinch

Steph and the boys in front of the visitor center (click image to view all 30 pictures)

10:30 am on Sunday. No plans. What to do? Let’s go on a day trip! So many places around Jacksonville.

Criteria: Not too far, stay within 4 hours, cheap and historic.

Ft. Clinch is located in Fernandina Beach. Nearly 1,000 acres. It’s an 19th century American Fort used to ward off outside threats from entering the Amelia River. It was captured twice, once by the Confederate Army who used it as a staging base and was later captured┬áby Union Forces when General Robert E. Lee abondoned it. It was also used as a Navy/Coast Guard radio base during WWII. Currently it is as it was during/before the Civil War.

Being as it was so HOT. We stopped at Dairy Queen. Yes, we did get some Ice Cream Pic’s

From there we visited Dames Point Park under the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward at Dames Point bridge.

We had a great time.