You turned 3 today. We’re so proud of you! Watching you grow into a little boy from the toddler stage has been very exciting for us. At two, you didn’t really talk much, but now you can’t stop talking. The words you say and the phrases you put together can make anyone roll over laughing. “You Silly!” “That to Funny!” It’s amazing how you put the word “BIG!” into each phrase. We’ll say, “Grayson, say 4-wheeler”. You’ll reply, “That’s a BIIIIIIG! 4-wheeler”. To funny. Another favorite is, “Daddy, you too big for this truck.” And the most favorite of all, “Dat was a BIIIIIIIG! Poopie.”

Happy Birthday Grayson

Happy Birthday Grayson

You have also been potty trained for about 4 months now. At night, you like to lay in your bed for about 20 min; just enough time for Justin to go to sleep. Then you get up and peek through Mommy and Daddy’s door. We look at each other and giggle. We know you’re there. Then you ask for chocolate milk. You say, “More Toclate Milk please.” You are so polite. We love you so much!

We had a Deck Party for you yesterday. The weather was perfect; a chilly 60 degrees. Daddy made Chili and it was a hit. Mommy and Daddy gave you a 4-wheeler like your brother’s. Daddy wrote your name on it in big letters so that you would know it was yours. You were a little confused and nonchalant about it until you said each letter very slowly and all of the sudden you said GRAYSON!!! You hopped on it and took off like lightning.

In Attendance:
Grayson, Justin, Mrs. Bette, Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Pappy, Uncle Tyler, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kelly, Grandma, Granddad. Also attending were Mrs. Staci, Bryson, Colton and Gabriel.