Blackie is our 11 year old Kittie. She passed away this morning after a long fight with what doctors think was lymphocytic leukemia.  She battled it since March of this year.

Blackie had a great time with us in college at FSU. She enjoyed party after party with her sister Patches. I can’t imagine what she was thinking with the late night raves and the game day extravaganzas.

She was around when FSU won the National Championship in ’99, when Alex and Chris graduated. She was there for Alex/Stephanie and Chris/Kelly’s marriage. She was there for the birth of Justin and Grayson. She’s moved with us about 6 times.  She even spent a very cold night outside in an irrigation pipe.

What can I say, she had a great life.

She leaves behind a Sister, Patches and TONS of memories and broken hearts..

We sure are going to miss you!