Justin and I just returned from Camp Shands for Cub Scout Pack 475 camping  weekend. We had a blast.

Justin and  I climbed the rock wall, we played frisbee, kickball, football, basketball, fished, hiked and also some

Justin on the Rock Wall

stargazing. It was the best weekend. Temperatures were in the 50’s a night and lower 80’s in the day. Not a cloud in the sky the entire weekend.

You could say Mother Nature made it up to us.

Last Cub Scout trip, wind was 30 mph, temp was 35 and an inch of rain per hour. Dropping into the upper 20’s at night.

Watching the boys climb the rock wall really brought some memories of when I did it. Amazing how I was so young. I plan to persue the BSA Rope Instructor certification and be able help do this a few weekends a year.. I can’t wait..