Grayson, you had a bad day Wednesday. Aparently, you didn’t listen to your teachers and wouldn’t share the ball.
Thursday morning, we had a chat before school. I asked you if you liked to make Daddy sad? You said no.. I said, “Well, when I hear that you had a bad day, I was real sad and almost cried”. You replied, ” I don’t like making you sad daddy”
I asked, “Do you know what makes me happy?”, “What?”, “When I hear that you were a good boy by helping your teachers, listening, and shareing with your friends”…”That makes me so happy”..
I gave you a hug and said make Daddy happy. Off you went.
When you got home, I ask how your day was. You said, “Ask Mommy, I had a good day”.
When your mom picked you up, the teachers gave her thumbs up. You were great!.
I gave you a big hug and kisses and said “I am so so happy to hear that, you just made me so happy.”
Roughly 10:45 that night, I was in the kitchen, putting dishes away. You just got out of your bed and it was waaay past bedtime.
You stood there, with your hands on your hips and your elbows arched back in your typical Grayson stance.. and asked,
“Daddy, since I was such a good boy, can I have some ice cream?”
Instead of the usual, “get back in bed”, I said “Of course you can. Once scoop or two?”..
Grayson, you sure know how to play the system.
You had two.
I love you.