You’ve really taken to the english language. So much that you’ve invented new words.

Knuckles, the two things between your legs. Usage: Daddy, I took a bath and washed my Knuckles good.

Back-Forward, rewind the DVR a few min. Usage: Daddy, can you back-forward the TV, I want to see that commercial again.

Disploded, same as explode. Usage, If you leave your coffee in the Microwave too long, it’ll displode.

Lectrocuted, same as electrocute. Usage, the big tall tree in the front yard was lectrocuted by the lightening.

Juh-Juh, Justin.. This is what you called Justin for years.. I think it still sticks..

Fall off the earth.. I suppose everyone believes the earth is flat when they’re young. Because after you pass Grammy’s house, you’ve gone to far and may fall off the earth..