I dressed myself

Around 6 pm yesterday you took a dip in the pool.  Actually, your dad tossed your naked butt in the pool.  You splashed around,  swam a few laps and got out.  When you came inside, you were shivering so much I could hardly understand what you were saying.  However, I did hear you say that you were freezing and wanted to get warm.  So, I told you to go get some clothes on and you would warm up.

Well, you came out of your room all dressed up like you were going somewhere.  I said “Grayson, it’s almost bedtime! Why in the world are you dressed up?”  “You need to put your pajamas on!”  You said, “But Mommy, I like wearing these clothes because I like looking handsome” “Don’t you think I look handsome Mommy?”

Of course you are handsome, my sweet boy!